Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

Recently, the number of dog owner making their own dog treats has significantly increased. Dog owners take the health of their pets very seriously as dogs are very special animals to them. For this reason, there is an increasing caution on buying commercial dog treats as they come in a range of quality. Most of these packaged, processed foods are “junk food” for dogs, although some are even healthy and nutritious. Many dog owners are using the lots of homemade dog treats recipes available for making their own dog recipes. Here are some of the many benefits pet owners are enjoying for making their own dog treats.

One of the top reasons homemade dog treats recipes are favored is because homemade treats are safer. A bag of dog cookies usually has a list of all the ingredients contained in that food on its back. The dog owners usually have no idea on some of these ingredients and the potentially harmful effect they can have on their dogs. According to research, the preservatives and chemical such as BHA, TBHQ, and sodium metabisulfite found in some of these commercialized dog treats can truly harm dogs. Some of these chemicals can impede good behavior because of the way the chemical interact with a delicate brain of this animal, which can even result in an aggressive behavior. Purchasing or making one’s own homemade dog treats allows him or her to have more options and control on what their pets feed on and about what to feed their dogs. Consequently, they can prepare chemical-free homemade dog treats recipes.

Another top reason that people are opting for homemade dog treats is simply because they are healthier. A lot of commercialized dog treats contains much of saturated fats. Pet owners can use ingredients that contain less fat to make their own dog treats. Giving their dogs fat-free or reducing fatty snacks will help to reduce the chances of their dog becoming obese in future along with helping their dog to have a healthier heart. They can also include some other ingredient when making homemade snacks that contribute to their dog’s gum and teeth clean as well those that enhance its shiny coat.

In addition to being safer and healthier, utilizing homemade dog treats recipes is certainly less expensive. The dog owners who bake their own homemade dog treats save money compared to those who buy the dog treats from the stores. They can use ingredients that are commonly available in their pantry or buy ingredient in bulk. And the pet owner gets an opportunity to provide his or her dog with the tasty treats that he or she feels the dog mostly like. The fact that he or she can use the common ingredients around the kitchen makes these treats more accessible.

Healthy Homemade Dog Treats Recipes That Most Dogs Like

  1. Homemade Dog Treats with Pumpkin

One of the best reasons that make dog owners to bake their own dog treats is that they can use ingredients that their dogs like. For example, many dogs love pumpkin, which is a filling, healthy choice for treats and contains a low amount of calories. For these reasons, pumpkins are valuable to use for overweight dogs.

  1. Peanut Butter Cookies

One can also prepare some homemade treats proportional to the size of his or her training puppy while still ensuring that there are enough nutrients for it. Peanut butter is one of such treats, which is high in protein as well as popular with all dogs. Homemade dog treats with peanut butter can provide energy to the busy puppies and helps to build its muscle. There are tons of great homemade dog treats recipes for this type of treat. Some of the ingredients that pet owners use include coconut oil, honey, chicken broth, oats, and flour.

  1. Chicken Jerky

Another recipe that is every dog’s favorite is the chicken jerky. It is easy for one to make chicken jerky treats at his or her home and more affordable than getting them at the store. The ingredients for these treats include chicken breasts or turkey, canola or olive oil, and dog-friendly seasoning such as parsley, garlic, rosemary, sage, etc. The following reasons make the chicken jerky perfect choice for dog treats:

  • They are ideal for dogs that have allergies problems to grains like wheat since they are grain free.
  • They are great dog training treats when torn into small pieces.
  • They are great for dogs suffering from diabetics
  • All dogs love them!

Lastly, dog owners should make sure that the new homemade dog treats recipes that they may want to try are health to their animals. They should consider those methods that offer as many bases as possible including carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and fats from ingredients that will provide the minerals and vitamins needed for good health.

Homemade Dog Treats – Pumpkin Provides Surprising Health Benefits

Making homemade treats for dogs has become a popular trend to many dog owners. Some of the homemade recipes are those with pumpkin. Homemade dog treats with pumpkin are great dog treats because they have a host of health benefits as outlined below.

Aids in Digestion

Pumpkin contains the fiber necessary for digestion in dogs. It helps in regulation of the dog’s bowel movement and the digestion tract. Dogs with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can greatly benefit from taking homemade dog treats pumpkin regularly as it soothes the bowels. A dog with mild constipation and diarrhea is also greatly relieved by taking homemade treats with pumpkin.

Good for Skin and Fur

Pumpkin seeds have anti-oxidants and crucial fatty acids that are necessary for moisturizing the skin and fur of the dogs. This helps in maintaining a healthy and glittery skin and coat. To make the pumpkin seeds appetizing for the dog, toasting them is important.

Natural De-Wormer

Pumpkin seeds have an amino acid called cucurbitin which works as a natural remedy for de-worming. The amino acid paralyzes the parasites in the intestines such as tapeworm. Fresh or well conserved pumpkin seeds should be grinded and sprinkled on the dogs treat in doses of 1 teaspoon 3 times in a day.

Vitamin Rich

Pumpkins are full of beta-carotene, iron, vitamin A and C, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc and copper. These nutrients combined with antioxidants help in preventing certain cancers and also assist the dog to remain young and healthy. However, one should give the right quantity of pumpkin since some minerals such as iron and some vitamins like vitamin A can build up to unhealthy or toxic levels.

Helps Maintain Healthy Weight

Homemade dog treats with pumpkin are bulkier and have a lot of fiber. The dog will therefore feel full while taking fewer calories. This will help the dog to maintain a healthy weight.

Supports the Urinary Tract

According to veterinaries, oils in the flesh of the pumpkins and the seeds enhance urinary system functioning in dogs. Adding pumpkin to the dog’s treats can help in prevention of the infection of the bladder and kidney stones.

Tasty Treats Dogs Love

This makes homemade dog treats with pumpkin an ideal choice especially if the dog’s stomach upsets make it choosy on particular types of food. Additionally, dogs that are affected by food allergies are least likely to suffer from allergic reactions from pumpkins.

Homemade Treats Vs. Store-Bought Treats

Given that recipes for dogs with pumpkin have many benefits to a dog; a dog owner may have a dilemma of choosing between the homemade dog treats with pumpkin or the commercially made treats.

The following are the reasons why fresh and healthy homemade dog treats with pumpkin are better than the commercially made treats.

Know Exactly What Ingredients Your Dog Is Consuming in His Treats

Homemade treats enables the dog owner to choose the necessary nutrients and give the dog a healthy treat. One can also make the dog’s treat according to its tastes and preferences. Additionally, one can cater for dietary restrictions of the dog such as allergic reactions. On the other hand, commercially made treats are made generally for many dogs and may therefore not cater for an individual dog’s needs.

Homemade Dog Treats Do Not Contain Harmful Additives

Homemade treats enables one to give his/her dog a highly nutritious treat without unhealthy additives. They are therefore safe for dogs. On the other hand, majority of commercially made treats have preservatives meant to increase their life span. Furthermore, some commercial treats are full of fillers and are made of by-products instead of natural ingredients. The ingredients of commercially made treats may also contain contaminants which may cause illness in dogs or even death.

Homemade Dog Treats are Cost Efficient

It is normally cheaper to make dog treats at home than buying the commercially made ones. Dog owners can therefore save money by buying the right ingredients in bulk for homemade treats for their dogs.

Dogs Just Prefer Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade treats are made in smaller quantities hence tastier than commercially made treats which are produced in mass. The choice of the right ingredients also make homemade dog treats tastier than commercially made treats.

In conclusion, homemade dog treats with pumpkin have many healthy benefits which make them excellent choice for dogs. Homemade dog treats are simple and fast to make. Furthermore, they are less expensive than commercial dog treats which could be substandard and may contain toxic substances.

Homemade Dog Treats with Peanut Butter

Home beauty and elegancy has been of great concern to many people around the world. Indeed, there are several ways of improving home beauty, which include maintaining aesthetic lawns, keeping birds, and of course, keeping pets. As a matter of fact, over 80 percent of pet lovers keep dogs for various reasons (for security purposes, beauty, and comfort). If you are planning to keep a dog, then you must be ready to carry out some fundamental responsibilities, and one of them is dog feeding.

Needless to say, if you visit any food store selling dog food, you will be amazed to see a bunch of varies brands of awesome dog foods. Indeed, most of these brands are canned and stored for future use. As a matter of fact, commercially available dog foods are not recommended whatsoever for feeding dogs by some veterinarians. Therefore, homemade dog food recipes are the most preferred. But, what are some of the best homemade dog treats?

As stated in the previous section, feeding your dog with homemade treats is highly advisable. The good news is that, homemade desserts require locally available ingredients and takes the least time possible to prepare. There are different types of dog treats, but not all of them satisfy the above conditions. Without further ado, homemade dog treats with peanut butter is one of the most recommended recipes with ultimate healthy benefits. As such, you can use some of the common kitchen ingredients to bake this yummy snack in less than 50 minutes!

Why use peanut butter as a major ingredient for a homemade dog treats? Besides its great taste, homemade dog treats peanut butter are loaded with high contents of antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, and quality fats, which are healthy components for dogs. Indeed, it allows a dog to operate with a higher level of efficiency. The balanced level of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats boosts the dog’s stamina and energy. Typically, peanut butter is made of vitamin E and vitamin H. The former vitamin improves the dog’s immune system, which protects it from diseases whereas the latter vitamin increases the sheen of dog’s coat as well as development of strong nails and quality of skin.

Why homemade dog treat recipes are are much healthier than store bought treats? As the stated earlier, homemade dog treats are highly recommended as compared to commercially available dog food bought from supermarkets and dog-food stores. The following are some of the major reasons why using recipes with homemade ingredient is much better and healthier for dogs than store bought treats.

  • Research has shown that preservatives, coloring, and chemicals found in commercialized dog treats are harmful to the dog’s health in the long run. In fact, when look at the list of ingredients used to make some of these foods; you will see “meat by-products” as the major component. As a matter fact, the by-products in concern are made from animal parts not fit for human consumption. These ingredients may impede good behavior, causes aggressive behavior, leads to kidney or liver problems, brain damage, loss of consciousness, and other life-threatening complications. Therefore, if you want your dog to live a healthy life, then you need to consider feeding it with homemade treats whose ingredients are well-known to you.
  • As analyzed in the previous section, you have a complete control over what you need to include in your dog’s food if you opt for homemade recipes. In most cases, peanut butter is the major component in homemade treats. As such, these foods are extremely delicious and tasteful.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that homemade dog treats peanut butter is fundamental for healthy dogs. Therefore, refrain from feeding your pet with commercialized foods and opt for homemade foods. In fact, consider choosing homemade dog treat recipes with peanut butter and your dog’s health will not be the same again.

Healthy Homemade Dog Treats with Baby Food

Before you start feeding your dog with a commercially made dog treat you should spend some time understanding the benefits of making homemade dog treats with baby food. Although the dietary needs of a dog are not the same as that of humans the good news is that baby food is non-toxic for your dog. Chances are that once you start feeding your dog with treats made from baby food your dog is going to develop an affliction for these treats and will demand more.

One of the benefits of making homemade dog treats with baby food is that unlike regular dog treats that require complicated recipes as well as specialty ingredients, the ones that you make from baby food are easy to prepare and very tasty as well. Best of all you won’t need to use any specialty ingredients to make your dog treats from baby food. In fact, some of the recipes to make dog treats from baby food are so simple that you can create the treat without much effort.

You may want to create a dog treat from baby food that involves nothing more complicated than mixing whole-wheat flour with some turkey baby food. Mix the two ingredients till the mixture turns smooth. When the mixture is smooth just add some beef broth. Soon, you will have a dog treat that will provide your dog with not only something tasty to eat but which is also healthy for your pet.

The nice thing about making homemade dog treats from baby food is that it helps you keep your dog healthy as well as happy. The right treat will also meet the dog’s nutritional requirements. Compared to feeding your dog commercially produced dog treats the ones that you make from baby food will give you peace of mind knowing that you are taking good care of your dog and that you are not filling their bellies with foods that have little or no nutritional value.

Every dog requires basic nutrition to stay in good health. Choosing baby food to make your dog treats means that you can make a diet for your dog that provides your pet with between 20 and 45 percent protein and just 5 to 10 percent fat.

Your dog will probably have an affinity for certain flavors and foods. You can easily satisfy your pet’s taste requirements by adding baby food items that help you create the kind of food your dog is going to relish.

Baby food cookies are an example of the kind of dog treats you can make using baby food. One of the other important benefits of making homemade dog treats with baby food are that regular dog treats cost a lot of money. If you want to create a cheaper dog treat then all you need is a basic recipe that just requires a couple of ingredients including flour and pureed baby food. This is a real money-saving dog treat that can be prepared easily. This treat will prove to be very healthy and it is also much more economical. The simple truth is that baby food is not only very nutritional but it is also cheaper.

At one time homemade dog food was all that a dog could expect to be fed. They liked the food and fared well when fed on homemade dog food. Today, the average lifespan of a domestic dog is much lower than that of dogs that were fed with homemade and fresh dog food. The reason why dogs today do not live as long as dogs of the days gone by are that today dogs are being fed commercially produced dog foods. These dog foods are not nutritional and they are also not the healthiest foods that you can feed your dog. Commercial dog foods contain too much grain that help in bulking up the food and increasing profits for the makers of such foods.

If you are serious about protecting your dog’s health and if you want to give them foods that they will relish then it makes sense to make them dog treats from baby food. These dog treats are economical to make and they also help ensure the well being of your dog by providing them with proper nutrition. The nice thing about making homemade dog treats is that they will last for a week or even longer and you can also freeze them and make them last longer. This means that you are always going to have healthy and cheap alternatives to feed your dog.

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Senior Dogs

Are you aware that feeding your pup a homemade dog food will give you control over what your dog eats exactly? It also allows you to customize for your picky eater, allergies, sensitive stomachs and medical issues. Making a homemade food also guarantees you that there are no fillers or any unnecessary ingredients in your dog’s bowl. Healthy homemade dog food is easy to make and you will probably be amazed by variety of dog food that you can make! However, there are numerous foods that you should ensure that your canine friend doesn’t eat, and it is also very important to ensure that the homemade dog food is well balanced and provides all types of nutrients that your pet needs. Read on, enjoy and most importantly learn the amazing benefits of homemade dog food recipes for senior dogs.

Recipes for Senior Dogs That Reduce Allergies

Many commercially prepared dog foods contain different types of chemicals, preservatives, additives, and even some elements which can trigger the allergic effects on senior dogs or even cause food intolerance. The animal byproducts and whole grains may be indigestible. But when you make your own homemade dog food, you will only use some of the wholesome and most nutritious ingredients.

Reduce Indigestion and Bloating in Senior Dogs

Are you aware that many older pets experience indigestion, bloating, or diarrhea after consuming some types of the commercially bought dog foods? Holistic veterinarians, says that lots of commercial dog foods are made with different types of fillers that absorb lots of water in your canine friends stomach. This situation causes excessive bloating and eventually discomfort and this condition will definitely take a toll onto your senior pet’s health if not considered.

Supply Fresh and Healthy Ingredients

When you are personally in control of the homemade dog food making process, you will get to choose the freshest and most nutritious ingredients that will boost your dog’s health. Some of the recommended homemade dog food includes: boiled vegetables, cooked brown rice, boiled turkey or chicken and cooked ground beef. There are plenty of different types of homemade pet recipes that you can choose from. In some cases you can store and refrigerate the unused portion of the homemade food for a maximum of three days; this will ensure that your dog is fed with fresh and nutritious food in every serving.

Simple to Prepare

Homemade food is very easy to prepare. But before you make it, you should ensure that you know what type of food would best suit your pet breed. The degree of nutrients that you should offer to your canine friend, decide on its health status, activities and ultimately its appearance. A healthy homemade food will give your senior dog the following health benefits: having a brighter and firmer coat with no or less shredding, healthy gum and teeth, increased life span, less number of the firm stools, increased energy, and less behavioral problems.

Avoid Dog Food Recalls

Are you aware that lots of major pet meals brand do get recalled? This means that you have to be careful when picking a brand, recalls may lead to a regular change of your dog’s diet which is not exactly healthy. Most senior dogs are just fine with a consistent and simple diet and changing the diet and brands will definitely be detrimental to your dog’s health. In addition to that, you will have to deal with some of the daunting side effects of the contaminated food if you only feed your dog with the commercially prepared dog food.

Improve the General Health of Senior Dogs

If you give your senior dog a well balanced natural diet, you will notice your dog’s coat become brighter and silkier, her eyes will become brighter, and she may also become more energetic. But for the meat eater dogs, it’s recommend that you give your dog biologically raw food or even bones. Ensure that they are not cooked, some of the meals are as follows: vegetables, whole grains, yogurt, enzymes, fruits and eggs.

Lastly, there are plenty of reasons and benefits to feeding your senior dog with a healthy homemade meal, but it may take her time to adjust. Research shows that homemade dog foods are healthier than any purchased varieties and with the above benefits; you have more reasons to give your senior dog a healthy homemade dog food which is not only cheap to make but also beneficial health wise.

The Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Allergies

Whether it is vomiting, itching, red rashes or irritable bowels, allergies cause suffering for your dog as well as inconvenience for the whole household. If your dog is suffering from one of the above symptoms, they could have an allergy to something they are eating. When are you buying pet food from a store, it is difficult to monitor exactly what your dog is eating. Dog allergies can often be down to something that humans are often allergic to as well. Such substances include gluten, dairy, soy and eggs. The first step before you do anything else is to visit your vet. They may be able to pinpoint what your dog is allergic to using a test. There also may be the option of medication to help your dog’s digestion or skin that will help them suffer less.

Whether or not you can work out exactly what irritates your dog’s stomach or skin, you may decide that the best option for you is to find healthy homemade dog food recipes for allergies. Catering for your dog is often a great idea because it gives you complete control over what your dog is eating. You can be flexible in eliminating certain food substances. By performing these tests at home it may well be that you yourself can work out what your dog is allergic to.

Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

As a vet will advise you, being responsible for your dog’s diet is not something that should be taken lightly. Regardless of the substance added to dog food that is upsetting your dog, pet foods are still carefully constructed to provide your dog with a balanced diet. You will now be completely responsible for this yourself, and it is up to you to make sure that your dog gets the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins that he or she needs.

However, pet food guidelines only require that the food contains the bare minimum of what a dog needs to stay alive. The rest can often be filler products that may not be the best nutritional choice for your pet. You, therefore, have the power to potentially give your dog a much healthier diet that they may be receiving from store bought food. After all, you feed yourself and your family, so it only takes a little more education to find out what is best for your dog.

There is the option of buying organic and natural pet foods for stores, but this is likely to prove expensive. The option of making your own dog food at home will be cheaper and take less effort than you may expect. When taken seriously it will also be a healthier option for your dog, helping digestion giving your pet more energy, as well as a stronger immune system. Best of all, you now have control over your dog’s allergies.

How to Make your Own Dog Food at Home

Your dog needs a mixture of meat for protein, vegetables for vitamins and minerals, as well as carbohydrates in their diet. The meat should make up about half of the dish. A simple dog food recipe for allergies involves grinding or finely chopping up a protein of your choice and boiling it in water, and adding in mixed chopped vegetables. You can add a small amount of fish oil to any of your dog’s meals as this is a source of omega 3 and other essential fatty acids. Remember to let the dish cool before you serve it to your dog. Another tip is to cook in bulk as most meals will keep in the fridge for several days.

It can be best to choose a main protein and stick to it rather than switching it round too often. However, variety elsewhere is good, so mix up the vegetables. Other ingredients that are great to add into a dish are rolled oats or kidney beans. Sweet potato and lentils are also good options. You can also feed your dog fruit and yoghurt (provided your pet is not allergic to dairy). There is also the option of adding supplements to your dog food to ensure your dog is getting optimal nutrition.

If you are considering switching your suffering dog to homemade food for dogs with allergies, this can be a great choice for your pet. However, make the change slowly, incorporating home cooked meals into your dog’s diet gradually. Soon you will see the difference your home made dog food can make to the health and energy of your dog.


Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Small Dogs

Nowadays, people are improving the aesthetics of their homes by keeping pets. Indeed, one of the most domesticated pet is none other than small dogs. There are several reasons as to why people prefer dogs: they offer security, increase home beauty, easy to maintain, and of course their food is locally available, just to mention but a few. Of great concern is the fact that small dogs do extremely well when fed with homemade dog food recipes.

As a matter of fact, there are tens and hundreds of different brands of dog foods commercially available at dog food stores and some supermarkets. Indeed, these foods are reasonably priced and conveniently available. A quick review of some of the small dogs’ food reveal that they are several appealing and appetizing recipes tailored with specific good health conditions. Nevertheless, dog experts recommend that we need to ignore all the amenities offered by commercial-dog-foods and opt for homemade recipes. As the saying goes, where there is smoke, there must be a fire! The question is: why should one take time to prepare healthy homemade food for your small dog?

Needless to say, research has shown that some dog food brands available in the market contain some harmful chemicals which can be a potential source of health problems. In addition, some of these commercially available recipes are made of poor quality meat. If you are keen in reading ingredients list, probably you must have seen “meat by-products” listed as the major ingredients. It is quite unfortunate to realize that the by-products in concern are made from animal parts that are not fit for human consumption. As a matter of fact, these parts include bones, entrails, and feet. Indeed, these ingredients will not do any harm to your small dog in the short term, but in the near future, your dog will not be getting the optimum nutrition and there is a likelihood of long-term health problems. Therefore, if you need to avoid healthy problems associated with canned and commercial foods, then homemade dog food is inevitable.

Underlying Healthy Benefits

Ideally, small dogs need critical care and it is not justifiable to feed them with any kind of commercial foods. As stated in the introduction section, some of the ingredients used to make some of the dogs’ food are not fit for dog consumption in the long run. Therefore, being in control of what to include in the dog’s menu is highly recommended. Indeed, you have the ability to eliminate unwanted chemicals, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial colors, and additives that could be a potential of health complications to your dog.

Besides limiting unwanted food ingredients, healthy homemade food recipes allow you to feed your dog with an appropriate balanced diet. As such, small dogs need to be fed plentiful of carbohydrates (such as corn, grain, rice, soy, and wheat), proteins, and vitamins. As a matter of fact, it is less likely that you are going to get commercial dog food with a complete balance diet.

Keeping Costs Down

Did you know that commercial dog food in the market is quite expensive? Well, the truth of the matter is that top quality brands and highly reputed dog food is extremely expensive. It might be reasonable if you are keeping one or two dogs; but the challenge sets in when you have a higher number of pets. Therefore, if you need to cut down the costs spend in buying dogs’ food, you are advised to opt for homemade dog food recipes. In order to save more, you are supposed to buy ingredients (vegetables and meats) in large quantities when they are on sale. Thereafter, cook your homemade dog food in bulk, package it appropriately, and store/freeze for future use. Indeed, the ingredients for homemade dog food are highly economical and recommended during these hard economic times.

From the aforementioned, it is highly recommended that you refrain from feeding your dog with commercial food and opt for homemade recipes for dogs. As such, homemade food is highly nutritious, free from unwanted chemicals, and of course, affordable. Therefore, if you are concerned with your dog’s health and nutrition, then consider any kind of homemade dog food recipes.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes With Chicken

The Benefits of Opting For Homemade Dog Food with Chicken

Deciding to feed your pet with homemade dog food with chicken presents a wide variety of benefits that just cannot be overlooked. To begin with, this totally does away with the foreboding fear that your dog will consume numerous and potentially detrimental preservatives and addictives. These substances are to be found in virtually all types of commercial dog food products. Opting to feed your pet with a homemade recipe diet also goes a long way in enabling you to include varied and infinitely excellent ingredients in its diet. At the same time, taking such a step can prove to be an immensely more cost effective solution. Most especially when you take into account the exorbitant cost of quite a number of high end commercial dog foods that are to be found in the market.

What is the Best Diet for Canines?

Like you may probably be already aware of, dogs in nature fall under the hunter and scavenger class of animals. This permits them to be able to feed on a highly diversified menu, with minimal health setbacks. Ideally, the very best diet you could ever offer to your canine companion ought to be an omnivorous diet that is high in protein and contain a tolerable amount of fat.

On the latter score, dogs tend to process the fat content in their diet surprising much better than us humans. Their bodies have been comprehensively proven to make use of fat to synthesize the energy they stand in need of, and the remainder is effectively cleared from their bloodstreams. This certainly means that one of the very best options, which are laid out for you is feeding your pet with an excellent homemade dog food with chicken recipe.

What is the Ideal Kind of Chicken for a Homemade Dog Food Diet?

Dog Food Recipes with ChickenWell, if you may be asking yourself the above question, its answer can prove to be somewhat intricate. For starters, there has been a lot of hype when it comes to determining between organic and non organic chicken, just which is the best option. However, from a well informed point of view, it is highly recommended that you should have a preference for the former. Using organic chicken will allow to effectually eliminate the threat of your dog consuming the hazardous genetic modified soy that is present in non organic chicken.

All in all, taking the effort to say, grind raw chicken necks or even boiling chicken breasts will enable you to make use of totally fresh and wholesome ingredients, which is by far much better than if you only opted for most of the commercial dog foods that are currently awash in the market. Another important issue to take note of is the fact that feeding a pet that does not enjoy vigorous physical exertion with too much fat can eventually trigger obesity. Therefore if this happens to be the case with your dog, always make it a point to go for lean chicken meat that contains at least no more than ten percent fat. You should also take time the necessary time to remove the chicken skin in the meals you prepare for your pet, while also eliminating all separable fat.

Homemade Dog Food with Chicken and Calcium

Besides from making sure that the homemade dog food with chicken is rich in top quality protein, you should also take into account the essential mineral; calcium. Canines, like use humans, require a considerable amount of calcium in accordance to their proportional size. This mineral assists in the formation and maintenance of strong and healthy bones. It has also been identified to facilitate for healthy heart function as it supports the contractions of the heart muscle. Calcium also plays a critical role in supporting nervous transmissions as well as assisting in effective muscle building in canines. Finally, this essential mineral plays a crucial part in healthy hormone secretion in dogs.

Chicken is undoubtedly a particularly excellent source of calcium, and can naturally be an ideal ingredient for almost all successful homemade dog food recipes. Nevertheless, if you wish to optimize the nutritional diet of the homemade dog food with chicken you wish to serve your pet, it is advisable to supplement it with an additional source of calcium. Typically, you can include a 600 mg tablet of calcium carbonate into every homemade meal you provide for your dog. As you can evidently see settling for such a diet for your canine companion can be the best thing you could ever do if you truly care for him or her.

Homemade Dog Food for Kidney Disease: The Benefits

Taking care of a dog with health problems can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It can be done if you’re committed to learning what it takes to properly care for your furry friend and give them the love and nutrition they need. When it comes to dealing with a dog suffering from kidney disease in particular, it’s important to focus on what’s going in their food. Unfortunately typical dog food available at most grocery stores is often filled with questionable ingredients, which is why so many pet parents are choosing to make their own at home. If this is something you’re interested in, then the information below can help guide you through it from start to finish.

Why Homemade Dog Food?

One of the things that you can control in your dog’s life is their diet, and when it comes to dealing with kidney disease, the food they eat is crucial. Phosphorus in particular is something that should be limited, but most commercial dog foods are quite high in it. Fortunately by making your own, you’ll be able to reduce the phosphorus while ensuring the proper vitamins and nutrients are going into every meal your furry friend is eating. This also means not having to worry about what the ingredients in the grocery store dog foods really are, because you’ll be able to control everything that goes into the recipe!

How to Make It?

Before you get started making homemade dog food for your dog with kidney disease, you should speak with your veterinarian. They’ll give you advice on what important nutrients your dog in particular needs, which will be helpful if your pet suffers from other health problems. If you’re ready to get started, then the following sample recipe is a great way to do it!


– 1 Grated Apple
– 1 Lb Fresh Green Beans
– 1 Pint Liquid Egg Whites
– 1 Lb Lean Ground Beef
– 1 Lb Lean Ground Pork
– 2 Cups Uncooked Rice
– 1 Lb Sweet Potato
– 2 Cups Pureed Pumpkin
– 3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
– 1/2 Cup Fresh Parsley


1. To begin, cook your rice according to package directions (omitting any extra salt). While that’s cooking, clean, dry, and chop the parsley before dropping it into the rice.

2. While bringing a large pot of water to boil, clean your sweet potato so no dirt is left on it. After this, remove the skin and cut it into cubes. Drop those cubes into the water and allow to cook until the cubes are just tender. Drain from the water once they are ready and then mix into the pumpkin puree until well combined.

3. Thorough rinse the green beans and then steam them until they are nice and tender. Set them aside.

4. Fry up the meat in a hot skillet until there is no more pink left behind. You may be tempted to drain the fat, but allow the meat to cool without draining it.

5. Next take 1/3 of the ground meat, half the green beans, and 1/2 of the pumpkin and potato mixture and put it all into a blender. Puree until it’s smooth and then add in the rice. Continue to add in the rest of your ingredients, making sure to include the fat from the meat.

6. Heat up the coconut oil in a skillet and cook your egg whites in it until cooked through. Then add in the pureed mixture to the pan and mix until thoroughly combined.

7. Serve this to your pup 4-5 times per day in 1/2 cup measurements. Placing each serving in a plastic bag will make it much easier to keep track of how much you’re feeding them.

What are Ingredient Alternatives?

If you’re looking for ways to keep your dog loving their food, the alternative ingredients below can help. They can be used in place of the ingredients in the recipe above.

Protein: Duck, White Fish, Ground Beef, Ground Pork

Fiber: Pearled Barley, White Rice

Carbohydrates: Pumpkin, Carrots, Apples, Acorn Squash, Sweet Potatoes

Vegetables: Kale, Collard Greens, Green Beans

Fat: Coconut or Avocado Oil

As you can see, there are a lot of low phosphorous ingredients that dogs with kidney disease can eat. You may want to experiment with different flavor combinations to see what your pet would like, especially if they are picky. What’s even better is that by making your own food with the proper nutrients in the first place, you’ll be feeding them meals you can feel good about.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Large Dogs

As they say, there is nothing like a home cooked meal! We have seen how after a particular level we are unable to enjoy canned food, food from restaurants, or frozen food. We must understand that our dogs also feel the same way. Thus, we recommend homemade dog food for small and large dogs. Many commercial brands of dog food might lead to some benign allergies that we are not even aware of. The allergy grows and becomes serious after sometime. Thus, a lot of people have also tried shifting from the commercial brands to organic food. However, this is a very costly option. Therefore, homemade dog food for small and large dogs has been taken up as a solution by lot of people. The following are the advantages of homemade dog food for small and large dogs:

  1. Guarantee for a balanced diet:

Homemade dog food for small and large dogs can guarantee a balanced diet thereby, providing your dog with the best diet. This not only ensures that your dog gets all nutrients but, it also allows us to keep a check on those components which would make your pet fat. This ensures that you get to take proper care of your dog’s health. Furthermore, homemade food is always served fresh to your dog which is why it is also a tastier alternative. Commercial dog foods are not rich in nutrition but are rich in waste materials. On the other hand, homemade dog food can absolutely meet all the nutritional requirements of large and small dogs.

  1. Cheaper alternative:

Homemade food is a cheaper substitute to any other option. It is cheaper and healthier.

  1. Fewer allergies:

As suggested earlier, commercial brands of dog food might lead to some benign allergies that we are not even aware of. This is because it is highly possible that your pet might be allergic to some or the other ingredient present in the packed dog food. However, homemade meal can be made keeping in mind all those ingredients which suit your dog and its health.

  1. More energy and easier to maintain a healthy weight:

As suggested earlier we can keep a track on the pet’s calorie intake by providing them with homemade food. For example, if we know that our dog does not feel energetic then we can make requisite dietary changes. We can provide extra carbohydrates in their diet. This would make the dog energetic. By monitoring their calorie intake it is easier to maintain a healthy weight level for small and large dogs.

  1. Easy to prepare:

Preparing a homemade meal for your dog is not a difficult affair. In fact, it is very simple to prepare a dog food. We do suggest you to speak to your dog’s doctor to understand what kind of food best suits your dog breed before you start preparing home cooked meal for your dog.

  1. Healthy and happy dog:

The nutrition intake in your pet’s food speaks for the health of your dog and ultimately its activity and appearance. A nutritious homemade diet can be seen through a visible difference in your dog’s coat and controlled hair shredding issues. A healthy and happy dog in turn has an increased life span.

  1. Immunity to fight diseases:

A balanced and nutritious homemade meal will also help in improving the dog’s immunity. Furthermore, their body will become more resistant to ailments.

To conclude, basing on the above discussion, you now understand the advantages of homemade dog food for small and large dogs. It is recommended to serve your dog with a nutritious home cooked meal in a clean bowl. This way of serving homemade food not only gives good nutrition to your dog but also improves the life span of your pet.

Shifting your dog from canned food to homemade food should be a gradual process. It is important for the dog to start liking the taste of the homemade food. Slowly and gradually the pet can be shifted on complete homemade diet. Also as suggested earlier it is important to consult a veterinarian to be sure of meeting your dog’s nutritional requirements. It must be noted that homemade dog food for small and large dogs are prepared in different ways. Their diet and taste completely varies due to their size.