Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Large Dogs

As they say, there is nothing like a home cooked meal! We have seen how after a particular level we are unable to enjoy canned food, food from restaurants, or frozen food. We must understand that our dogs also feel the same way. Thus, we recommend homemade dog food for small and large dogs. Many commercial brands of dog food might lead to some benign allergies that we are not even aware of. The allergy grows and becomes serious after sometime. Thus, a lot of people have also tried shifting from the commercial brands to organic food. However, this is a very costly option. Therefore, homemade dog food for small and large dogs has been taken up as a solution by lot of people. The following are the advantages of homemade dog food for small and large dogs:

  1. Guarantee for a balanced diet:

Homemade dog food for small and large dogs can guarantee a balanced diet thereby, providing your dog with the best diet. This not only ensures that your dog gets all nutrients but, it also allows us to keep a check on those components which would make your pet fat. This ensures that you get to take proper care of your dog’s health. Furthermore, homemade food is always served fresh to your dog which is why it is also a tastier alternative. Commercial dog foods are not rich in nutrition but are rich in waste materials. On the other hand, homemade dog food can absolutely meet all the nutritional requirements of large and small dogs.

  1. Cheaper alternative:

Homemade food is a cheaper substitute to any other option. It is cheaper and healthier.

  1. Fewer allergies:

As suggested earlier, commercial brands of dog food might lead to some benign allergies that we are not even aware of. This is because it is highly possible that your pet might be allergic to some or the other ingredient present in the packed dog food. However, homemade meal can be made keeping in mind all those ingredients which suit your dog and its health.

  1. More energy and easier to maintain a healthy weight:

As suggested earlier we can keep a track on the pet’s calorie intake by providing them with homemade food. For example, if we know that our dog does not feel energetic then we can make requisite dietary changes. We can provide extra carbohydrates in their diet. This would make the dog energetic. By monitoring their calorie intake it is easier to maintain a healthy weight level for small and large dogs.

  1. Easy to prepare:

Preparing a homemade meal for your dog is not a difficult affair. In fact, it is very simple to prepare a dog food. We do suggest you to speak to your dog’s doctor to understand what kind of food best suits your dog breed before you start preparing home cooked meal for your dog.

  1. Healthy and happy dog:

The nutrition intake in your pet’s food speaks for the health of your dog and ultimately its activity and appearance. A nutritious homemade diet can be seen through a visible difference in your dog’s coat and controlled hair shredding issues. A healthy and happy dog in turn has an increased life span.

  1. Immunity to fight diseases:

A balanced and nutritious homemade meal will also help in improving the dog’s immunity. Furthermore, their body will become more resistant to ailments.

To conclude, basing on the above discussion, you now understand the advantages of homemade dog food for small and large dogs. It is recommended to serve your dog with a nutritious home cooked meal in a clean bowl. This way of serving homemade food not only gives good nutrition to your dog but also improves the life span of your pet.

Shifting your dog from canned food to homemade food should be a gradual process. It is important for the dog to start liking the taste of the homemade food. Slowly and gradually the pet can be shifted on complete homemade diet. Also as suggested earlier it is important to consult a veterinarian to be sure of meeting your dog’s nutritional requirements. It must be noted that homemade dog food for small and large dogs are prepared in different ways. Their diet and taste completely varies due to their size.