Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

Recently, the number of dog owner making their own dog treats has significantly increased. Dog owners take the health of their pets very seriously as dogs are very special animals to them. For this reason, there is an increasing caution on buying commercial dog treats as they come in a range of quality. Most of these packaged, processed foods are “junk food” for dogs, although some are even healthy and nutritious. Many dog owners are using the lots of homemade dog treats recipes available for making their own dog recipes. Here are some of the many benefits pet owners are enjoying for making their own dog treats.

One of the top reasons homemade dog treats recipes are favored is because homemade treats are safer. A bag of dog cookies usually has a list of all the ingredients contained in that food on its back. The dog owners usually have no idea on some of these ingredients and the potentially harmful effect they can have on their dogs. According to research, the preservatives and chemical such as BHA, TBHQ, and sodium metabisulfite found in some of these commercialized dog treats can truly harm dogs. Some of these chemicals can impede good behavior because of the way the chemical interact with a delicate brain of this animal, which can even result in an aggressive behavior. Purchasing or making one’s own homemade dog treats allows him or her to have more options and control on what their pets feed on and about what to feed their dogs. Consequently, they can prepare chemical-free homemade dog treats recipes.

Another top reason that people are opting for homemade dog treats is simply because they are healthier. A lot of commercialized dog treats contains much of saturated fats. Pet owners can use ingredients that contain less fat to make their own dog treats. Giving their dogs fat-free or reducing fatty snacks will help to reduce the chances of their dog becoming obese in future along with helping their dog to have a healthier heart. They can also include some other ingredient when making homemade snacks that contribute to their dog’s gum and teeth clean as well those that enhance its shiny coat.

In addition to being safer and healthier, utilizing homemade dog treats recipes is certainly less expensive. The dog owners who bake their own homemade dog treats save money compared to those who buy the dog treats from the stores. They can use ingredients that are commonly available in their pantry or buy ingredient in bulk. And the pet owner gets an opportunity to provide his or her dog with the tasty treats that he or she feels the dog mostly like. The fact that he or she can use the common ingredients around the kitchen makes these treats more accessible.

Healthy Homemade Dog Treats Recipes That Most Dogs Like

  1. Homemade Dog Treats with Pumpkin

One of the best reasons that make dog owners to bake their own dog treats is that they can use ingredients that their dogs like. For example, many dogs love pumpkin, which is a filling, healthy choice for treats and contains a low amount of calories. For these reasons, pumpkins are valuable to use for overweight dogs.

  1. Peanut Butter Cookies

One can also prepare some homemade treats proportional to the size of his or her training puppy while still ensuring that there are enough nutrients for it. Peanut butter is one of such treats, which is high in protein as well as popular with all dogs. Homemade dog treats with peanut butter can provide energy to the busy puppies and helps to build its muscle. There are tons of great homemade dog treats recipes for this type of treat. Some of the ingredients that pet owners use include coconut oil, honey, chicken broth, oats, and flour.

  1. Chicken Jerky

Another recipe that is every dog’s favorite is the chicken jerky. It is easy for one to make chicken jerky treats at his or her home and more affordable than getting them at the store. The ingredients for these treats include chicken breasts or turkey, canola or olive oil, and dog-friendly seasoning such as parsley, garlic, rosemary, sage, etc. The following reasons make the chicken jerky perfect choice for dog treats:

  • They are ideal for dogs that have allergies problems to grains like wheat since they are grain free.
  • They are great dog training treats when torn into small pieces.
  • They are great for dogs suffering from diabetics
  • All dogs love them!

Lastly, dog owners should make sure that the new homemade dog treats recipes that they may want to try are health to their animals. They should consider those methods that offer as many bases as possible including carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and fats from ingredients that will provide the minerals and vitamins needed for good health.