Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Small Dogs

Nowadays, people are improving the aesthetics of their homes by keeping pets. Indeed, one of the most domesticated pet is none other than small dogs. There are several reasons as to why people prefer dogs: they offer security, increase home beauty, easy to maintain, and of course their food is locally available, just to mention but a few. Of great concern is the fact that small dogs do extremely well when fed with homemade dog food recipes.

As a matter of fact, there are tens and hundreds of different brands of dog foods commercially available at dog food stores and some supermarkets. Indeed, these foods are reasonably priced and conveniently available. A quick review of some of the small dogs’ food reveal that they are several appealing and appetizing recipes tailored with specific good health conditions. Nevertheless, dog experts recommend that we need to ignore all the amenities offered by commercial-dog-foods and opt for homemade recipes. As the saying goes, where there is smoke, there must be a fire! The question is: why should one take time to prepare healthy homemade food for your small dog?

Needless to say, research has shown that some dog food brands available in the market contain some harmful chemicals which can be a potential source of health problems. In addition, some of these commercially available recipes are made of poor quality meat. If you are keen in reading ingredients list, probably you must have seen “meat by-products” listed as the major ingredients. It is quite unfortunate to realize that the by-products in concern are made from animal parts that are not fit for human consumption. As a matter of fact, these parts include bones, entrails, and feet. Indeed, these ingredients will not do any harm to your small dog in the short term, but in the near future, your dog will not be getting the optimum nutrition and there is a likelihood of long-term health problems. Therefore, if you need to avoid healthy problems associated with canned and commercial foods, then homemade dog food is inevitable.

Underlying Healthy Benefits

Ideally, small dogs need critical care and it is not justifiable to feed them with any kind of commercial foods. As stated in the introduction section, some of the ingredients used to make some of the dogs’ food are not fit for dog consumption in the long run. Therefore, being in control of what to include in the dog’s menu is highly recommended. Indeed, you have the ability to eliminate unwanted chemicals, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial colors, and additives that could be a potential of health complications to your dog.

Besides limiting unwanted food ingredients, healthy homemade food recipes allow you to feed your dog with an appropriate balanced diet. As such, small dogs need to be fed plentiful of carbohydrates (such as corn, grain, rice, soy, and wheat), proteins, and vitamins. As a matter of fact, it is less likely that you are going to get commercial dog food with a complete balance diet.

Keeping Costs Down

Did you know that commercial dog food in the market is quite expensive? Well, the truth of the matter is that top quality brands and highly reputed dog food is extremely expensive. It might be reasonable if you are keeping one or two dogs; but the challenge sets in when you have a higher number of pets. Therefore, if you need to cut down the costs spend in buying dogs’ food, you are advised to opt for homemade dog food recipes. In order to save more, you are supposed to buy ingredients (vegetables and meats) in large quantities when they are on sale. Thereafter, cook your homemade dog food in bulk, package it appropriately, and store/freeze for future use. Indeed, the ingredients for homemade dog food are highly economical and recommended during these hard economic times.

From the aforementioned, it is highly recommended that you refrain from feeding your dog with commercial food and opt for homemade recipes for dogs. As such, homemade food is highly nutritious, free from unwanted chemicals, and of course, affordable. Therefore, if you are concerned with your dog’s health and nutrition, then consider any kind of homemade dog food recipes.